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The Effect of Wall Painting on Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is quite famous in India. Even people who are not superstitious tend to imbibe elements of Vastu in their home. Vastu Shastra is probably older than the Vedas since there is a mention of Vastu in Vedic scriptures. Coming back to the modern era, many people prefer to give the command of designing and decorating their house to professional interior designers to give their home a proper modern look and feel. However, a larger fraction of population, even today, believes in Vastu Shastra and decorates their house as per the instructions given in it. Wall paintings have become a huge part of decoration now-a-days. Every house seems to be full of paintings and photographs. Everything one loves is put up on the wall – picture of family, friends, destinations, pets, departed ones, sceneries, and heavenly pictures. Here is how some pictures can affect your house in a positive or negative way: Buddha wall Painting – Everybody knows Lord Buddha as the epitome of peace, tranquillity and calmness. Buddha wall painting is sure to bring a sense of easiness into your life and your home. It is recommended to hang a Buddha wall painting in the prayer room, meditation zone, library, or the study room of your house. This will release you of all tensions and make you feel light hearted. Water Wall Painting – Water is the most essential component we need in order to survive. It is the elixir of life. Putting up a painting of running water in your house depicts constant flow of happiness and money. You should put up wall paintings that have flowing water, something like a waterfall. However, avoid hanging water wall painting near you main entrance as it might draw your money and happiness out. Running Horses Wall Painting – You must have seen the wall painting of running horses in many homes and might have also wondered what the significance behind it is. Well, running horses wall painting is considered to be auspicious and tend to bring in good luck and charm. The horse symbolises achievement, power, speed, success, perseverance, loyalty, and victory. You should definitely think about hanging one of it in your work place and office. Also, though there are numerous colour and size options available, you should go for the bigger ones having black and brown tones. God Wall Painting – Our lives are driven by the superpower we refer to as God. The belief is so strong that you will find pictures of God everywhere. Office, home, cars, phones – everywhere. People have faith and somehow it is driving our lives. If you are a believer too, then you can hang up God wall paintings. Alone Object Wall Painting – None of us like to be alone. However, sometimes we forget this and bring wall paintings that have single or lonely objects in the painting. It can be an animal or any other object. This might bring loneliness and the feeling of exclusion to your house. Thus, avoid putting up such wall paintings. Conclusion One cannot deny the importance of wall paintings or the effects of wall painting on Vasta Shastra. All you can do is to be a little careful with the kind of wall painting you are buying. While some paintings will have a positive impact, some or sure to do negative as well. Keep the above list handy to help you buy the right kind of painting for your wall.

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