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10 Tips For Choosing The Best Solar Battery Manufacturer in India

The most useful energy on our planet is the energy emitted from the sun. That is solar energy. This is renewable energy and has to be termed as one of the most useful resources of energy in recent times. Though electrical energy is by far no less, solar energy has its own wide range of advantages. If you are looking to buy efficient and cost-effective solar batteries then this blog is for you. Another plus is that it never runs out of energy and has abundance of it, so we are always sure to have a huge amount of energy. Though there are many tubular batteries , e batteries, and various other kinds of tubular battery manufacturers, solar batteries or solar panels have remained one of the top favorites in India for many purposes than just one. Solar energy can be tapped during the day and utilized anytime later too, making the most of its special trait of renewable energy. Here are the basic key factors that help people prefer solar panels/ batteries than the other types : Cost reduction Effectiveness Low maintenance cost Higher durability Easy adaptability to any geographical conditions Influence of neighborhood According to the statistics, various people/ customers buying solar batteries/ panels are classified into Layman – 60% Brand conscious – 20% Technical – 20% Layman’s are the customers who have absolutely no knowledge about any aspects of solar battery. With a primary aim to reduce their electricity costs, they opt for this. For this, they- First, search the batteries on Google/ Search Engine. Then they do thorough research about the solar battery manufacturers on the available and best-suited type of battery according to their requirement. Select website- Then, they search and zero on a website that they think caters to most of their needs. They explore the website and zero in on the type of solar panel that is required. Contact the dealer- then they contact the dealer/ solar battery manufacturer, either by chatting with the helpline or chat assistant online, or calling them or on WhatsApp. Talk to an expert- While finalizing on the perfect battery, he consults a solar expert. The expert guides them to buy the perfect product apt for their requirement and insists on a visit to the site if the power required is 3kW or above. Buying the batteries- Buying the batteries is the ultimate step, that a layman undertakes. He has many payment options like COD, online payment, etc. A Brand Conscious person follows basic steps as a layman that is step 1 and step 2, but he is more worried about brands and reviews than anything else. He generally chooses the costlier battery as he might feel high cost means branded product. Though he might have a sound knowledge about batteries, he will still opt for the most branded and popular one. Technical customer: Technical persons are people who are acquainted with the solar batteries and are generally classified into dealers/ distributors or other people who closely come in contact with such batteries. These people are more interested in other specifications like warranty, battery life, installation, etc. usually they buy in bulk for resale. Various types of solar batteries Luminous Solar Panel Qwik Batteries Sukam solar panel Microtek solar batteries Other tips to keep in mind before buying a solar battery/ installing solar panel are Keep in mind your requirement, and take help of sources online that help you decide on the best solar battery manufacturer Insist the solar expert to visit the site once, so as to know the capacity of the installation to be installed. The warranty period must also be considered and this can be clarified beforehand with the solar battery manufacturer. Always opt for a branded battery that has a claim of longer battery life.

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