General Skills Automotive Follow Our Tips to Make Car Washing at Home Always Clean

Follow Our Tips to Make Car Washing at Home Always Clean

Although car washing is not very expensive, if the city where the owners are located has more haze and rain, the cost of vehicle washing every month is still quite a lot, so presumably many of us have the idea of washing their vehicle at home, right? However, most of the owners finally give up after trying, and the main reason for this result is that many owners find that they are not clean at all, and sometimes even cause some damage to the vehicle paint, and feel that it is not worth the loss. ! In fact, you can wash your own car, but most of us need to pay attention to some details. The first is car wash. Many vehicle owners don’t really vehicle about this thing, because in their impression, they may be able to do the washing up by themselves. There is no need to buy a bottle of car wash. In fact, this is the wrong idea. Wash liquid is different from general cleaning agents. In addition to its strong cleaning effect, it also has a protective function for car paint. Some wash liquid can form a protective film on the car paint even after washing the vehicle. To make the paint look brighter and brighter, which is obviously not possible with ordinary cleaners. The second is to wipe the car. Wiping the vehicle is an individual effort. It requires owners to use a towel to wipe off all the water stains on the car. Some owners who are usually pampered ca n’t do this job, and some owners will not do it for laziness This job, because they think they will do it in the end anyway, what difference does it make? In fact, the difference is bigger. The vehicles that wipe the water stains can be kept clean and tidy after a few days of washing, but the car that does not wipe off the water stains and dry naturally may need to be washed again after one day! This is mainly because the water stains that have not been cleaned are easily contaminated with the dust on the road after the vehicle is driven out. When the water stains dry, the dust naturally sticks to the car again! Wipe the car towel after the last. If you want to clean the vehicle, it is mainly in the vehicle cleaning process. In general, at least two towels are required to wipe the surface. One towel is mainly used to wipe off the water stains on the upper body of the car, and the other is used to wipe the surface. Water stains on the lower body. This is mainly because there are more stains on the lower body. If you use it to wipe the body, it is easy to wipe the paint. Conditional owners can also prepare a deerskin. After the car has wiped the water stains for the first time, use it again. It wipes the paint again to completely absorb the water stains. In addition, it should be noted that if the vehicle is too dirty, it is better to go to the car wash shop to clean it. After all, when the vehicle is too dirty and it is too tiring to wash. We usually need to go to the car wash shop while washing the vehicles. In addition to vehicle washing, car wash shops can also have better maintenance measures for car paint, which is difficult for us to get!

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