General Skills Business What Are The Primary Uses Of Activated Carbon?

What Are The Primary Uses Of Activated Carbon?

Activated carbon is a non-graphite, micro-porous type of carbon that is made out of carbonaceous raw materials such as coir pith, lignite, rice husk, wood, coconut shell and coal. It is a type of material that is used for the purpose of detoxification, combating bad odor, water treatment etc. It is in huge demand today in many areas, and is available from activated carbon manufacturers in India in different forms – such as granules and fine powder. It is being used industrial as well as commercial applications. Know about some of the primary uses of this type of carbon. Deodorizing The main aim of this type of carbon is to get rid of odors or chemicals which end up coloring water. Activated carbon helps remove organic gases with pungent smell, such as hydrogen sulphide, from water. This kind of carbon, in its simplest form, may be used for the purpose of deodorizing – in commercial as well as in industrial sectors. These days, this type of material is being applied in various industries for transporting catalysts in the chemical sector, purifying air and solvent recovery. It is also used in the medical field. Activated charcoal can control the level of humidity and also absorb excess amounts of moisture at a micro level. Different types of activated charcoal deodorants can be found widely. These can absorb toxic gases and bad smells, which makes it perfect for deodorizing refrigerators, shoes and underarms. Helps In Water Treatment It can be useful in the removal of small amounts of chelated copper, iron and mercury. Activated carbon can absorb all traces of chlorine from water. It can reduce or remove radon, benzene, pesticides, herbicides and VOC (volatile organic chemicals) as well as many other compounds and solvents. This type of carbon – when made by top Activated carbon filter media manufacturers in India -can remove impurities, leaving an element behind – known as ammonia. For a long time, activated carbon has been used in the form of a natural water filter. It is able to interact with a wide variety of chemicals, fungus, bacteria, viruses, drugs and toxins in water, and absorb the same. Activated carbon granules are often used by operators in waste-management centers and other commercial settings, as a part of the overall filtration process. Activated carbon cartridges are used in many water filtration products for the purification of water, by removing impurities and toxins. Aids in de-coloring Activated carbon is used for the aim of de-coloring, as well as for the purification of agents in various processes – given that they soak up around 10 – 90% of impurities from a wide range of aqueous solutions. It is used most commonly for the filtration of water, and removing all types of impurities from water that provide it with color. Although it does not happen to be a great way of removal of alcohol, it can absorb alcohol weakly. It is quite easily understandable why activated charcoal is being used more and more for the purpose of de-colorizing in many industries.

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