General Skills Education How to Secure House of Worship?

How to Secure House of Worship?

Houses of worship have long been considered as a safe haven; a place where people can pray in peace. But today, not all religious institutions (whether it is a church, mosque, or temple), can indeed be considered 100% safe. In fact, news reports of elderly abuse, riots, and even active shooters at faith-based facilities have become more common today than ever before. Thus, houses of worship must take practical steps to improve security at their premises. Let’s take a look at five such ways: Control and limit access When it comes to improving security in the house of worship, controlling and limiting access is one of the most critical steps that you should take. The doors and windows should be secured even when the building is vacant. If the place is open to the public, consider hiring security guards for optimum protection. You can also speak with law enforcement agencies to get in the event of a lockdown or while evacuating. Install safety cameras around your building perimeters Installing security cameras around your building perimeters is one of the best ways to secure the outside areas of the house of worship. Various studies have shown that CCTV cameras are a criminal deterrent, so don’t try to skimp on them. Make sure your photographic equipment is network-based, which can share live video with responder during an emergency. Besides, recorded footage can help identify criminals. Invest in an armed security officer Responding to an attacker with a gun is one of the most useful things you can do to prevent an attack in the first place quickly. But, using a firearm yourself can put your life at risk. But when you hire an armed security guard, they will usually be able to prevent the attack before the police even arrive, thereby saving more lives and the property itself. Make sure the officers are appropriately qualified with armed security training and are retired law enforcement officers. Use an AI-powered weapon detection system. Installing an AI-powered gun detection system at a mosque, church, or temple is a move that could protect the house of worship from deadly terrorist attacks. With the help of artificial intelligence, surveillance cameras mounted inside and outside the mosque can recognize lethal threats within seconds. These systems are the latest high-tech attempt to combat mass shooters. Train your greeters (and all congregants) Giving your greeters and all congregants a house of worship security training can go a long way in saving lives and avert a tragedy. In this training, professionals will teach them how to identify various threats and safety flaws in the building as well as mitigate risks if a danger does turn up. Professional training can also help you understand how to be a bodyguard if you want to start your career in the security industry. You can take these steps to improve the security of your house of worship. You can also get in touch with a personal protection institute for the safety of your space. They will provide you with facility assessments, train your own volunteer security teams, and employ dedicated security officers.

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