General Skills Education The 4 Most Popular English Words of 2019 According to Global Search Results

The 4 Most Popular English Words of 2019 According to Global Search Results

2019 was the year that marked the end of a decade. As we have already stepped into a brand new year, 2020, full of new hopes, possibilities and promises, it can be a really good idea to look back at some fascinating facts of the last year of the last decade. So, when you are here, learning new English words and phrases, let’s take a look at the English words that have been the most searched words globally according to the search results. In the following points, you will know about these words and get to know the meaning. More people got to know about these words and their usage in the last year. So, you can also get into the drill by learning about them and enhance your English vocabulary by planning to learn English speaking. Take a look. “Impeach”
The first and the most searched English word of 2019 is “impeach.” With Donald Trump, the president of the USA being impeached on December 18, million people started searching for the right meaning of the word ‘impeached’. Technically, a term meaning the removal of influential and often voted personalities with this special status, the word “impeach” made quite a stir in the whole world. This is actually used for charging someone for certain misconduct. For example, when the House Judiciary Committee impeached Trump, they charged him for abuse of power, criminal bribery and wire fraud. So, when you are talking about international politics in English, “impeach” is certainly a word you need to keep in mind. “Legit”
More than a word, “legit” is a vernacular that has been used for expressing various scenarios. On one hand, it can be used as a legal term, expressing the authenticity of a situation or evidence. On the other, it can be used as an adverb, as a synonym of genuinely. For example, when you are using “legit” as a legal word, you can say, “the evidence that has been submitted at the court is legit proof of the theft/crime.” When you are using it as an adverb, you can say, “I am legit tired after such an eventful evening involving traveling around the city.” “Hindsight”
The meaning of “hindsight” is understanding reality after an incident happens. So, when you are planning to use hindsight, you can use this in your business communication as well as regular conversation. For example, you can say, “my biggest error, in hindsight, is to be too confident about giving the lowest quote while filing the tender.” Hindsight meaning can easily express what you want to say. “Misogyny”
With the rise of the #MeToo movement globally, the word “misogyny” has become one of the most searched English words on the internet. Undoubtedly, one of the most boiling topics currently being talked about all over the world, misogyny stands for hatred, dislike and prejudice against women. Using explicit slangs, abusing verbally by generalizing all women, demeaning in regular so-called general conversation, all of these can be an example of misogyny. If you want to learn English and use this word properly, you can say, for example, “Your disrespectful comments about that lady show your deep-rooted misogyny.” So, now as you know about the most popular words searched online in 2019, incorporate them in your regular vocabulary. Register with an online platform to learn English grammar and these new words and how you can use them.

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