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Cake And Their Different Designs That You Can Try Out Now

No matter what you are celebrating, cakes are an integral part of it. Be it your birthday, wedding, anniversary, Valentine’s Day or Christmas, you simply cannot think of these occasions without cakes. There are so many different types of cake. They come in attractive designs and mouth-watering tastes. Yet, somehow chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavors have stood the test of time. Gone are the days when there was either fruit cake or cake loaded with cream. There are so many different varieties now. The latest trend is of water cakes. Have you tried them yet? Very few ca ke makers make this style of cake. Decorating a cake is an art. If you want a flower shaped cake or a unicorn like cake, all that you need to do is tell the baker about it and she will make it for you. Simple cakes are easy on the pocket but the decorative cakes are expensive. So be prepared to shell out the money if you are planning for interesting cake concepts. We have got some amazing ideas for your next ca ke. Here we go: Opt for Sphere Cakes: they are round cakes with hand painted designs in it. The paint used is edible so you can safely consume the cake. Water Cake: you should definitely try this one. Get a flower inside the cake so that it looks like a marble – ready to be eaten. Confetti Cakes: here the cake decorating Malta will include sprinklers over the cake. They will be sprinkled in such a way that they look like confetti from a distance. This is perfect for a graduation party. Designer Cakes: in this one you can give any kind of design to the baker and they will come up with a cake that looks exactly like the design that you shared. Photo Cake: and finally the photo cake. This is our personal photo. Share any of our favorite photos with the baker and she will use a special technique to emboss the photo on the ca ke. Don’t worry, the entire thing is completely edible. When you place order for any of the above-mentioned cakes, keep in mind that you should give ample time to the baker to create the one. You cannot give the order in the evening and expect the cake next morning. Designer cakes take time and patience to be made. If you rush the baker, the outcome will not be good. So what are you waiting for? Try out any of these ca kes today. Let us know your experience. If you have any other ca ke styles in mind do share it with us in the comment section. We would love to add them to our list. Place your order ASAP so that you can have your cake and eat it too. What do you say? Doesn’t this sound interesting? Even if there is no occasion coming up, it won’t hurt the soul to enjoy a good cake any day of the week. We simply love cakes of any and every type.

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