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Cool And Hydrating Festival Drinks to Keep You Boosted All The Time

Festivals are exciting; they are fun as a child’s play in the park. However, they do capable of taking a toll on us. From camping outside the festival places to hustling between stages in the scorching heat, staying hydrated is no longer an option but a healthy choice. Certainly, nothing is as good as sipping on your favorite festival drink during a hot sunny day. Even if you are keeping adult beverages around, drinking water within the short intervals will keep your stamina alive. This season, you may try some exotic refreshing recipes that are sure to keep you going laboring throughout the day. Some festivals may not allow you to bring in lip-smacking thumps up or other drinks, so keep these recipes in your bucket. Even, if you are planning camping outside the fest or people roaming around your place selling the below mentioned refreshing ingredients of your choice, these chilly shots would keep you on your feet: Coconut Water + Aloe Water + Frozen Berries There is something pleasant about coconut water that it hydrates instantly. Its smooth consistency added with the sweet taste is at par indeed and makes you thirst for it more and more. However, adding up other delicious and beneficial ingredients makes it a dish which does not deserve any competition like who’s got the better drink here? Aloe Vera contains a huge number of vitamins and minerals and helps the body detoxify and digest better. As aloe is jellylike, it glides along your intestinal tract, absorbing bad toxins and discard bacteria to help improve the digestion process. All you need is coconut water, aloe water, and some frozen berries to make an energizing drink. Pour an equal quantity of coconut water and aloe over ice and then mix it off with frozen mixed berries. When the berries melt, the extra sweetness would be added to your one of the best festival drink of the summer days. Cucumber + Lemon + Vitamin C Powder Water mixed with cucumber and lemon is one of the most hydrating things to drink when it’s hot outside and all you want to indulge into something that puts your mind, body, and soul into a chill mode. How fascinating is that? But, before you add a few slices to the water, make sure the lemon and cucumber are fully chilled; this will give a more refreshing layer to your drink at least, at least that works wonders for me. Stir with a little pinch of vitamin C powder this will boost your immune system too. If you feel cold is catching up while you are on a festive mode, be sure to drink this perfect water mixture two times a day. Make this your daily ritual, and you will be all set to turn the faces around. To Sum Up All of these amazing festival drink recipes are a sure shot way to keep your body hydrated and happy throughout the day. The best thing about these mixtures is they leave your water tasting so good that no matter how sunny the sunshine is, you would enjoy all the gloomy to cheerful times.

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