General Skills Health & Fitness Importance of Social Distancing During & After? – COVID-19!

Importance of Social Distancing During & After? – COVID-19!

Corona Virus alias COVID-19 a pandemic disease spreading all over worldwide. It has been now three months of suffering COVID-19 still there are a number of positive patients who are deriving to death. Motionless there is no good control to monitor the raising number of COVID-19 positives. But apart from this still we have the power to make command on the disease. In several countries, the disease had taken place drastically, therefore the government has also declared to isolate everyone in their houses. And also confirmed to avoid social contacts with people or unwanted gatherings. Social-distancing is quite the major shield to protect ourselves and to stay safe. World Health Organisation (WHO) has also claimed Social-distancing to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic. What is Social Distancing & Why it is Mandatory? Social distancing is also known for physical distancing. It is a significant measure to forbid the spread of a contagious disease. Keeping a great amount of distance from other outside people can practise you the Social distancing. Make sure to distance yourself at least 6 feet (2 meters) from other people mostly where you are outside. Avoid Social or Mass Gatherings. Spend more quality and quantity of time at your home. In many countries, there are several numerous crowded states, where it is become very difficult to control the population, therefore, remaining in our household and avoiding social contacts with outdoor people can help you to keep safe yourself from the epidemic disease. Since if you are outing for some reasons and some other people are suffering from cold or cough, then the chances of getting infected yourself are higher. We could develop a simple cure. If we avoid physical contacts while being outside. As far COVID-19 is a viral infection nor a bacterial. So there is no chance of spreading it through the air. But as it is Viral infection thus it remains on the ground. Due to which it can spread easily by touching something randomly or making close contacts. Why Social Distancing is Important? Corona Virus spreads from person to person through the droplets of infection that occurs during coughing, sneezing and exhalation. This infection is spread by coming in contact with a person who is infected or by touching objects such as door handles, lift buttons, etc. Also in many cases has discovered that many individuals carrying novel coronavirus, without showing any of the typical symptoms of COVID-19 like fever, dry cough or shortness of breath. But these asymptomatic are only mildly ill individuals can still shed virus and infect others that is the reason Social distancing is extremely important at this stage. Infections can be prevented by not going to crowded places such as public vehicles, malls or gardens. The Government of India is trying its best to reduce the congestion by postponing mall, school, college, programs and using the practices of corporate sectors working with their employees from home. National Institute of Health (NIH)-funded researchers, published in the journal Science, documents why social distancing may be our best hope to slow the spread of COVID-19. For every confirmed case of COVID-19, there are likely another 5 to 10 people with undetected infections. In spite of the fact that they are believed to be just about half as irresistible as people with affirmed COVID-19. People with undetected contaminations were so predominant in China that they evidently were the disease hotspot for 86% of affirmed cases. After China, established travel restrictions and social distancing, the spread of COVID-19 slowed considerably especially in Wuhan City. Best Practices for Social Distancing! Most importantly, stay in your home and if possible, Work from Home to avoid crowds. Contact each other via telephone or video call to have a meeting Do not participate in the group for gossip or party If you are asking for food or something at home, ask the delivery boy to keep the goods or food at the door. Whenever you go to the market or go to the bank to buy essential goods like medicines or vegetables. You should maintain a distance of 3 feet from one person to another. Do not shake hands with anyone nor hug only “say hello”. If you have travelled abroad in your last 14 days, then you have to come out after screening at the airport and you should be alone in the house for 16 days before going in public. Maintain proper distance from each other as per capacity while using the lift. To prevent this epidemic, create a habit of social distance and help break the chain of infection. Steps to avoid after Quarantine Period(lockdown). Do not have to meet in the group at all, Once the lockdown period is over avoid to meet your friends or relatives for at least more of 1 month. End of lockdown doesn’t mean the disease is terminated completely Also, don’t go to your relative’s place or ask them to come to stay around for somedays. Do not organize feast and celebrations in your home. If you want to use public transport, skip getting crowded bus or metros. If you go to eat in the restaurant, Make sure to take care of yourself carefully if possible keep a small sanitizer bottle with you for a few days and keep using it to sanitize your hands in every couple of hours. It is very important to go to the ration shops, but keep a distance of 3 feet while taking ration even after the lockdown.

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