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What is the Importance of Calcium in Our Body?

Calcium is an integral element of our bones. If there is less production of calcium in our body, our bones will become fragile, the nails will become brittle and even our teeth will lose its strength. The role and importance of calcium in our body is quite vital. And you will be surprised to know that parathyroid glands control the entire cal cium levels in our body. To make the role of calcium more apparent, we are going to discuss the three areas where calcium is used on a daily basis. Calcium plays a significant role in providing electrical energy to our nervous system. Surprised to hear this? Well, it is true. Calcium helps to provide the means for electrical impulses so that it can travel along the nerves. Our nervous system relies on cal cium to conduct electricity. This is the major reason that the most common symptoms of parathyroid disease and high levels of calcium are related to our nervous system. For example: weakness, tiredness and even depression. Yes, you read it right, even depression. Next calcium helps to provide electrical energy that is significant for our muscular system. Just like the nerves, the muscles in our body depend on the calcium level to contract or expand. So when you are feeling weak or experience muscle cramps it means that the calc ium level in your body has dropped significantly. And finally, whenever we talk about calcium, we talk about strong bones. From time immemorial, calcium is considered to be significant for increasing the density and strength of our bones. But did you know that is actually a secondary function of calc ium? Every day the hypothyroid gland produces calcium, which gets stored in the bones. And from the bones, our body sues the calcium to carry out the muscular and nervous functions. In other words, the calcium deposited on our bones is like a bank vault. Just like we put money in the account and withdraw it as and when required, in the same way the calcium is deposited and used from our bones. Now if there is a deficiency in the production of calcium by the hypothyroid glands in our body, the entire functioning of our body will get adversely affected. So the moment you notice anything out of order, you should get yourself thoroughly checked. And if your general physician suggests that you need to visit a parathyroid surgeon in India then you need to do so. It is important to visit the parathyroid surgeon in India because you cannot live with calcium deficiency. And to make sure that things don’t get worse with the passage of time, we suggest that you book your appointment with the surgeon immediately. Undergo all the tests recommended by him from a reputed clinic. There are many clinics that carry out the tests related to parathyroid. So what are you waiting for? Book your appointment with the parathyroid surgeon in India today. Clarify all your doubts when you meet the surgeon. Do not hesitate at all.

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